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8:10 AM

0.8 mi


15:00 mi


62 F
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BOH HM 2017


Temp 63 Wind 12 mph.

HM Warm Up. Short jog up / down hill on Raider Way to Shelby and back to freshly paved parking lot for drills and strides. Nickel and four pennies on the day including a penny at the finish line while getting timing chip removed.

Day's Best Moment -- Angry dog had come after my car on county road one day while driving course. E-mailed RD (who is captain of local state patrol troop) to warn for race day. Soon as he sees me walking across parking lot, shouts out that he took care of the dog. Said went out to talk to owner about keeping penned during race day. Had no more got in the door when dog ran up and bit him. Was grateful for the heads up.