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6:01 AM

10.5 mi


8:41 mi


44 F


Temp 44 Winds Calm.

Sunrise Long Run. Wanting to get about an hour and a half on my feet. Strange, the legs had more pop this morning after racing than they had yesterday when fresh? (All I could do to sit on it and avoid a Call-Me-Kelly-Run.) Was going to head out north for some hill cruising, but plumbing all screwed up so kept having to re-route through park and by house for pit stops. Was different to see the city in daylight. Looks good in the spring.

No shake-out after Saturday race. With Hammer to do what any two old men want to do after both winning their morning road races...go up to the HS Invitational and watch the kids show us how its really done. Got to see Brandon S. PR @ 1600, then come back in the evening to set the school record @ 3200. Barely 16-year old sophomore reeling off 400 splits like a seasoned veteran. Only downer seeing Billy L. limp off infield with icepack on calf after being pulled from track mid-way through 3200. Was injured going into race. Kid's a special talent and whoever put him on the track to begin with should be shot...preferably in the calf. Big props to the wife for letting me "play" all day. Took her out for pizza afterwards.

GO St. Louis Marathon and HM today. Several locals running. Forget about Tiger and The Masters. Will be checking results to see how well some real athletes in a real sport do.