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8:03 AM

2 mi


5:40 mi


153 lb


75 F

Race Result

2 / 40 (5%)
1 / 7 (14.3%)
2 / 20 (10%)


Temp 75 Wind 3 mph. Humidity 84% Dew Point 68°.

Attempt at Missouri State Running Record (49 YO Male). Time to beat is 16:23, but want to drop it enough to scare off most 49-year olds from attempting. Humid today, and not sure how groin / pelvis will hold up. If physically able, expect to run about 11:45. If the stars align, think I may be able to drop it down close to 11:30.

Clueless on how to race a 2-mile. Thinking with the heat, maybe look at going out just under 6:00ish and then try to blast it coming back. Want to keep pace in check by racing rather than watch-watching, so check with TJ and Lars about their estimated fitness. They should go 1 / 2. TJ says about 10:30. Lars 11:00ish since he's off-season.

We will start on the grass, pick up the trail, navigate a dip under the Rodney Drive bridge, then it’s a long, flat out-and-back. Want to get out quick to get space. Coming out from under the bridge, I’m fifth. TJ and Lars out fast, Lil’ Willie and Patrick M., then me with Paul S. (who has me in the cross-hairs today) and Jeremy S. coming along for the ride.

Pass the 15-year olds into third. PS and JS sticking like glue. Lars is with TJ…one is too fast or one is too slow. I’m guessing Lars is too fast, so know I’m too fast. I let off and let Paul go on. I huff and puff a little so he’ll think I’m already winded.

Have Garmin set to alert every 3:00 minutes. Check up time comes and I’m at a 5:42 average pace. First 800 split was 2:45, so I’ve done a good job getting this back under control quick. Settled in now and relaxed, time to chase Paul down. JS has faded. Pull up beside him and hear his breathing. He’s going to do well today, but he can’t do this much longer. Keeping the same effort I caught him with, I move on.

Approaching turn-around now. TJ bolted about 800 in and he‘s left us behind. Lars has come back to me some. Turn around is a small circle in the grass. Lars misses the turn, and takes several strides before Elliott S. (who is working the station) stops him. I go by him, and as he turns back, he slips in the wet grass and goes down. Finish the second 800 in 2:57 for a 5:42 first mile split.

Back on the trail and have runners on my left, and a tri-biker needing to get by on my right. Finally slow up and tell the biker to go. Relaxing the last 800, I’m refreshed and ready to roll. Have stride back under control so kick in. Although I expect Lars to chase me back down, I’m thinking that I dare Paul to come get me. Third 800 split is 2:49. Waiting for 9:00 minute alert, finally notice that heart rate is peaking. Thinking there is only about three minutes to go, its OK to let it hurt now. Lars is not back yet, if anyone catches me at this point, I will need to start running in a skirt.

Hear 9:00 minute alert. My cardio is red-lining, so mentally turn it into a strider. Search for finish arch, pick it up and focus on driving towards it. Hit the grass and eyes shift to clock. Still in the 11:1Xs. A-freaking-mazing. Fourth 800 split is another 2:49. Official chip time 11:20.80.

2nd Overall. 1st Masters. State Record by 5:03. Personal PR by 0:31. Mile splits - 5:42 / 5:38. 800 splits not quite as pretty (but maybe necessary with break-neck start) - 2:45 / 2:57 / 2:49 / 2:49. What happen this morning will take some time to soak in. Wow!?

TJ wins OA. Lars fell down a second time, so not sure where he finished. Know Paul S. broke 12:00, maybe 11:45ish. Father Joe a solid 12:00 and change. Official results will be posted tomorrow.

Props to D’bert. When it comes to putting on first-class events, big or small, he knows how to do the job right.