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4:12 PM

2.9 mi


9:02 mi


50 F
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Temp 50 Wind 7 mph.

Meet up with CBEM training partner (and soon to be sub-5 miler @ age 47). On our way for the warm-up, but find some difficulty jogging thru parade traffic ant farm. Was lucky to find a corner of the SEMO Health parking lot for drills and striders. Real sharp and thinking I am ready roll.

Start on front row and line up for straight shot at first curve. Out real quick. Unable to find my stride on only small incline, but way up in front pack...maybe too far up. Through first 0.25 at 74. Slow to 81 for next quarter and feel the lactic acid creep up the back of my legs and continue to rise all the way to my shoulders. Dropped three kids just past Pacific. Ross M. is up ahead, looking smooth, and not coming back to me. Front pack is long gone. Half way to the finish line, and still have not found my stride. Three minutes of this and now it has come time to pay for my fast start and lack of efficiency. Exercise begins to stop and I slow to 87 and 86 for last two quarter splits. Never found my groove and felt like the whole race was ran "in between" strides.

Garmin has me at 5:28. Clock also appeared to read 5:28 as I passed. Will have to wait on official time. May have wasted my last shot at a mile PR. Also pissed away a golden opportunity at a national class age-graded mile. 54 VDOT makes a 5:27 miler. Is what it is.

Surreal experience running down the parade route at dusk surrounded by hundreds (1000s?) of people on newly revamped Broadway and finishing on the banks of the Mississippi River.

CBEM teammate goes 4:57 for first ever sub-5 mile. Know that means a lot to him and am tickled to death he got it!