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2:30 PM

800 m


5:24 mi

Race Result



Four entered in Open/Masters Division. I seeded myself for 2:35. Again based on recent outdoor times. Check list before race and there is one 2:00, one 2:30, and one with no seed time. Get to call area and wait out four heats of high school races.

Young kid comes up and ask if I am in the Open/Masters. Say yes, and he informs me he is too. He is a senior in high school, but birthday was a few days too early to allow him to run in HS Division. He was the one with no seed time and has an outdoor PR of 2:02. We are looking for the other two runners in our heat, but they do not appear to have shown up.

At the line, it is just us. Once again a first. First time to ever race an 800. Let him go and do his thing, I get up on my toes for as long as I can and just run. More trouble falling apart coming out of every turn. Faster pace made it more noticable. Nearly fell down on next to last lap. At least he did not lap me.

Did not get official time and MO Mile Split only posted HS times. Training partner clocked me at 2:40, so I will claim that. (Found the official results on Direct Athletics: 2:41.) Seven (8) seconds off the pace of my most recent outdoor mile time?? Different sport?