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9:00 AM

1 mi


6:10 mi


150 lb


32 F

Race Result

8 / 57 (14%)
2 / 4 (50%)
8 / 32 (25%)


Temp 32 (24) 8 mph.

Estimated my time at 6:30 which turned out the be the cut-off for Wave #1 (did not hear any of the others in my wave say they estimated less than 6:00 flat). Passed on an opportunity to be an asshole and lined up in the back of the pack with Dr. Seth. Was in last place when we turned onto the loop between 100-200 meters. Passed an older guy, then Dr. Seth, and then a kid. Took me 400+ meters to get around all of them which forced me to run further from the cones than I would have liked for over a 1/4 of the race.

Next runner has way to much space on me to catch or chase. Rest of the way will have to be balls-mode. Didn't struggle much mentally with letting off the gas, but did struggle several times with coordination at this speed. Running all my speed-work in the dark on tired legs, usually in colder weather than today, have rarely got the chance to get into this gear.

Closed the deal with a chip time of 6:10:XX. Will be credited for M58 State Record at 6:11. Age Grades to 81.78%. First national class time at this distance. Don't know that any of my others (2-Mile, 5K, & 10K) were this high...think they may all have been 80.XX???

Running on outside to pass people in the first 400 cost me on tangents. Garmin 1.02 miles for average pace of 6:05.

Awarded 1st overall in 50-59 AG because CBEGM co-founder ran in the course official race earlier in the day and was not eligible. KEH posted a 5:45 for 85.86% to give the old-dudes two more chapters to add to the legend. Both of us planning to take this show on the road to Chaffee again next weekend.



Great job! CBEGM lives on!