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8:03 AM

26.4 mi


14:01 mi


164 lb
160 bpm
178 bpm


82 F
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Boulder Backroads Marathon

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Wish we had a bit of today's weather for that race! Today is drizzly & 38*F...yesterday ~ not! Oh wait! I see snow flakes out the window!!! LOL! Gotta love Colorado in the Fall! Yesterday got hot! Quick!.... somebody said it was 81* by 10:30...(yeah, I know, I'm a wimp - but I don't do well in heat, & don't train in it! - my downfall for this I think) & for some unk reason, they'd backed off the start time till just a bit past 8am... 3,000 runners all total for the marathon, half marathon, & marathon relay...looked to me that a majority of the runners were marathoners.... the course is all on/along backroads - a combination of dirt/asphalt - NW of Boulder, near the reservoir. rolling hills btwn 5,200' - 5,500' elevation, so gentler than my backyard, but still!!....Everybody headed out nice & easy....well, almost everybody. I passed a bunch of folks on the very first "hill" (incline) @ a nice slow/steady 11:20pc..most of these would stay behind me for the rest of the day....2 miles in, warmed up & keeping it easy...feels good, but a bit warm. steady incline for first 6 prob. mile 7 turned down along an asphalt hwy for almost 3 miles...hwy not closed. cones separating runners from tfc -some cars came ridiculously close to the cones!~ but all downhill - fast & fun but head on into the sun w/no shade - can really feel it beating into my head!.... aid station @ mile 10 low on water! I know there's alot of ppl behind me (approx mid-2/3 back) so, I don't take aid station @ mile 12...starting to feel the heat, slowing down a bit...two significant hills to that so, looking fwd to the water...just starting to feel a touch nauseous/dizzy...out of water!! but they did have orange wedges. that helped! I stopped for almost 2 mins...then headed out real easy...breeze starting, but it's a bit hot...hit the out & back section, m. 13 - 21, having a little abdominal cramping & dizziness if I pick up the speed much, heart rate is a little high for this pace...started doing alot of walking in here just to keep things doable....meeting some of the lead runners....noticed that I'm not the only one looking tough....hearing lots of comments about the least there's a breeze now, but it's not alot of help....more like Kansas hills! I'd started pouring water over my head/hat...but still being conservative...too many ppl behind me! walking/easy jogging alt. as I can...stomach issues not entirely going away, just abated as long as I'm not going too fast...power walking I can do. Started looking for Doug in here...I didn't remember how long the out & back was, but I'd est the ppl I was meeting should be on track for 4ish hrs....that was about in the ballpark of his est time....(based on our long runs) he was further back than I thought - mile 15 for me, 19 for him....he & a maniac were staying kinda together..& doing walk reg walk breaks, but keeping it as quick as poss...he poured some water on my head/neck & said that the next aid station was giving out bottles...I told him not to do that - that his next one was in a mile & miserably low on water! Saw another guy who'd started out w/Doug another 2 miles further up...def having heat issues too! Heard a few talking abt taking the shuttle out (really? there's a shuttle!?) really tempting, but @ this point, I'm managing the heat stress okay...& picking up discarded water bottles to dump over my head/shirt & just want to finish - know my target time is completely shot - just wanna be done & get the medal & beer..I'm walking too fast for some others who have shifted to walking - two of them wearing maniac shirts! ...passed a few more...see clouds brewing along the foothills...breeze is starting to feel a little cooler...thinking I could run a bit more...nah! kinda over it...still alternating power walking (feels like it anyway) & soft jogging....whole body tired, but not like I've run hard tired..thinking I could run now...maybe not! apathy?....last 5K...running as much as I can....start targeting a few folks still ahead of me...reeled in, all but one...& almost that one! really tall gal w/a long stride! Last couple hundred yards are through pasture, dip down towards the lake & back up a slight hill to the gate....not many ppl left @ the finish line, (Doug!) but said 6:22:XX ... garmin said 6:09:XX ...don't care right now.. Doug's gate said 4:57:XX... Garmin: 4:52:XX not much food left when either of us finished, did get some beer & a small pizza - Doug was able to snag the last one!....still folks straggling in as we left ~ about an hour after I got in....they'd already taken down the finish line....Don't know how many DNF' least I wasn't DFL either! Tough day! , survived.

No official times/results posted yet!? don't know what that's all about - they were pretty prompt last year?

Feel pretty good right now actually..(musta been because I wasn't ever running hard!)..have a couple of appts to tend to & then I'll take Mairead out for an easy couple....