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7:02 AM

26.2 mi


13:13 mi


40 F

Race Result

2273 / 2385 (95.3%)
99 / 103 (96.1%)
1097 / 1179 (93%)
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Well, I got what I'd trained for! :( IRC on a Beautiful course, excellent course support, one significant hill. Unusually heavy monthly w/insufficient supplies meant for two extra porta john stops, complete with lines, cost about 8+ minutes, not that that mattered all that much. I ran out of gas pretty early. First few miles I stayed with the 5:00 pace girl - until I realized that she was going way too fast for the 5hr mark, at which point I backed it off to more reasonable early pace for me. My right ankle/achilles seemed to be okay but I must have been compensating in some way because, somewhere just before the halfway point my right foot cramped pretty badly & I spent a bit trying to walk it off. Took some salt & kept it as brisk as I could. Another short bit & I could feel tension in my right hamstring, up into my glute (piriformis area). This would fight me the rest of the way, even brisk walking! Then my feet started hurting - I really don't like asphalt! (maybe I need more cushioned shoes for the harder surfaces?) I did stay off on the shoulder as often as I could but that option was limited. I was pretty over it by mile 23, but still kept the push as much as I could. .5 from the finish, 3 of us, who had been walking briskly, picked it up together to jog in.