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Name: Chris
Profession: Lutheran Pastor
Age: 44
Height: 1.83 m
Current Weight: 98.9 kg
Goal Weight: 88.5 kg
Location: Carmel, IN
About me: 
Husband. Father. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Runner. Baseball Fan. Political Junkie. Native of the Philadelphia area. Spent four great years in Northern Virginia, and two great years in Saint Paul, MN. Living now in Carmel, IN.
Why I started running: 
Returned to running in April 2010 after 17 years of doing nothing (at 240 lbs). I'm still overweight and not quite in shape, but loving my return to running. I have been on-and-off over the past few years - with injuries, job changes, and out-of-state moves - yet I am excited to be running more often than not, and to be a collector of finishers medals and racing bibs, and to be getting healthier all the while.