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5:18 AM

10 mi


7:47 mi


215 lb
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Tempo run at Monon Center 1/8 mile indoor track. All laps .125 miles, 8 laps to a mile.

1.5 mile warm up (12 laps),

7 miles at goal pace (7:30-8:00/mile, or 56.5-:60/lap - 56 laps)

1.5 mile cool down (12 laps)

Every lap was within goal range, and I felt really good out there. Not very winded by end of workout. Considering increasing my goal pace by about 10 seconds (from 8:00 at slow end to 7:50, and 7:30 at fast end to 7:20) for upcoming workouts to see how it feels in the workout and over the stretch of a few weeks.