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7:04 AM

13.1 mi


7:47 mi


218 lb


50 F

Race Result

100 / 795 (12.6%)
25 / 111 (22.5%)
80 / 353 (22.7%)

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MedCity Half Marathon

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Garmin distance = 13.32 (above distance changed for official distance - I seemed to run an extra .22 miles with those wide turns I tend to make)

Garmin pace (calculated at a distance of 13:32 miles) = 7:40/mile

Age Group (above) = Men 30-39

Felt great out there for my first half marathon of the season, and only third ever. Rather than start out around a 8:45-9:00 pace, as is my usual plan, I decided to start out about a minute faster to see how long I could last. I surprised myself that I never really hit a wall but was able to maintain and even pick up my pace throughout the race.

The course had some rolling hills at the start, and there was a steady headwind for most of the race (only saving grace of the hills? They blocked the wind!). After about mile 6, though, it was all downhill and flat. Slight rain for a few miles during the middle of the race, but it never rained too hard. Two potty breaks in the first few miles (approx. .75 and 4.5) were annoyingly necessary. That's something to work on ... ;-)

Ran without hydration belt and felt fine using 2-3 water stations (can't remember exactly how many!).

Overall a nice course. I felt great. Next time, I'll go out even a little faster ... and if I lose some weight and do some speed work, I might actually be able to really drop my time. But, one thing at a time.