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5:08 AM

15.7 mi


8:40 mi


218 lb


40 F
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Longest run YTD, and among top 10 longest runs ever. Felt great. Stomach felt a little crampy first few miles, but that went away. Pacing felt great. Right shoe felt loose first few miles, but then settled in. Stopped only twice - once for a bathroom break at mile 3.25 (approx) and once for traffic/red light around mile 14.5. I was tired near the end, but I could have gone longer. There was more left in the tank.

Had a Clif Shot Vanilla Gel just prior to run, and 90 minutes into the run.

Shorts, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, jacket, cap. Wore gloves for first 13 miles of run. First outdoor run on my new lime green Brooks Glycerin 10s.

Slightly breezy, but otherwise a beautiful morning for a run.