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7:32 AM

10 km


9:01 mi


226 lb


78 F

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Time to Fly

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Children's Cancer Research benefit 10K - Time to Fly, on Harriet Island. Pleased to keep each mile under 9:00 (wasn't expecting to be able to do that), and particularly pleased to get faster throughout the run (except for that first mile ... and my last half mile tapered off, too). I tried to get sub-8:00 for Mile 6, but came up just short. Still, pleased with my effort ... and that my church raised over $500 for cancer research!

Beautiful run! Mostly shaded through wooded areas, lakes and swampy woods, and along the Mississippi. Great place to go for a run!

Garmin Data: 6.56 miles, 55:52 (8:32 pace). Changed the numbers up top to match 10K distance and official chip time. I know that Garmin data rarely matches up with official-measured courses, but .3 miles for a 10K seems like a big discrepancy. For my marathon - 20 miles longer than this race - my Garmin data was off only by .5. Oh well. Still, a good run.