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9:03 AM

10 km


7:16 mi


218 lb


22 F

Race Result

13 / 65 (20%)
4 / 13 (30.8%)
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(Garmin finish time 45:09.36. Time edited to reflect official results)

Felt good out there, pushing my pace faster than I should have or would have on a training tempo run (a 6 mile tempo run was scheduled for today, with 1.5-3 mile warm-up and cool down). But this was a race, and I wanted to push it. Glad to get a PR by nearly 2 minutes.

Pretty flat course, ran alone most of the time. Felt good in terms of hydration and stomach (having gone to the bathroom several times before the race). Didn't sleep great - less than six hours, and yesterday we drove nearly 12 hours from Philly back home. But overall, felt good, especially considering that I wasn't really training for this race or trying to max out on this race.

After the marathon, perhaps I should truly train for a few 10Ks. Would be fun to see what I can do if I really train for this distance.

[Note: Age Group Stats, above, are for Men 18-39.]