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8:12 AM

13.1 mi


5:06 km


141 lb


72 F


7 / 10
9 / 10

Race Result

28 / 113 (24.8%)
1 / 4 (25%)
19 / 67 (28.4%)


My plan was to go out really easy with a goal of under 2:00:00, which I knew I could easily achieve. I hadn't trained much for this race, and meant to do it mainly for the scenery and experience. It was a great success. I also knew that I would start racing at some point on the course, and was just trying to keep it easy for as long as possible. It ended up feeling fairly difficult at the end -- I wasn't running easy, but I wasn't running close to as hard as I could, either.

The first couple miles were right where I wanted to be pace-wise. The big-hill-caused slowdown in mile 3 (which doesn't show up in the splits because I missed the fourth mile marker) got me antsy and I started picking it up to just over 8 minute pace for 4 and 5. This trend continued all the way through to 9, the last mile marker I saw, after which I picked it up a little bit more and finished relatively hard.