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12:30 PM

8 km


5:35 mi


156 lb


9 / 10
9 / 10
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Very happy about this race, 59 second PR over UMD last year. We got out very quickly like Franklin always does with the downhill first half mile, but I settled in ok the second mile. I was fifth on the team through a mile, moved up to second going up Bear Cage, through about 5k, then Shane moved up in front of me. This is pretty much where I figured that I was at. unfortunately the plan with Shane, Dom and myself running together didn't work too well (the back of the race was 5:30 through the first mile) Dom had a rough go adjusting to the extra distance, and Shane and I were too far apart most of the time to help each other out. I also got a ton of blisters on my feet, especially one on my right heel that definitely hampered the last two miles a bit. I'm pretty sure my last mile was very strong, especially considering it was over the hill again. I'm glad that I had a gear left in the last mile, but I didn't still feel fresh after the race.

As far as the goals I had yesterday:

-Top 3 for WPI


-No one beats me by less than 10 seconds

-Don't get passed after mile 3

I got the first goal, 27:15 would have been tough (Lane only ran 26:57), I guess i should have said no one will out kick me at the end for the 3rd goal (10 seconds is a long time), and for the fourth goal, I think one MIT kid passed me, he ended up at 27:28.

Goal for rest of the season is to run at least 27:20 at NEWMACs at Moore State Park

The splits are what I remember hearing in the race, which may be a little off.