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1:30 PM

10 km


5:54 mi

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Club XC nationals at Lehigh. I thought coming in that breaking 38 would be a reasonable goal given the 5 weeks I've had since the marathon. The plan was to start with Greg and feel out the course. For the first 2 miles we were pretty close, around 5k (~18:45) I was about 10s up on Greg with Anthony Crudale a bit farther up. After that I started grooving to catch people. Tons of support on the course, it's really helpful that the club name is on the singlets. I didn't know what time I was running anytime after ~2k. I hit 7k and really started to roll and caught Anthony. About 8.5k I was going back and forth with some guy from Garden State TC, he tried to make a move and slowed down right after he passed me, I told him he needed to work harder than that, and started slamming for the finish. I think I had a really good kick the last 400, not Ryan Hill fast, but pretty good for me.

Split 18:45 17:53, I really felt the marathon strength the 2nd half of the race.