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9:40 AM

13.1 mi


5:46 mi


167 lb


50 F
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Cheshire Half with Lane. 5th overall. Felt good at the start, but didn't have time to do a normal running warmup due to the logistics of trying to park 5000 people at a high school, so I just did some stretches and drills, got a little bit of running in over to the start line.

Unfortunately, I was pretty dehydrated at the start, but since it was cool, I was ok after I took water at the first 4 water stations. After about 4 miles, it was pretty much a time trial, 3 out of sight, a guy that Lane and I started with a bit ahead, and Lane a bit behind me. At about 2.5 miles, the other guy had pulled ahead, and around 5k, Lane realized today wasn't going to be his best day, he still had a really nice race holding everything together.

Got through 10 miles about 57:35-40, I think this course was a little hillier than Baystate, but the spectators were equally awesome. Very nice event.

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13.1 mi

Cheshire Half Marathon with Lane