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3:15 PM

8 km


5:38 mi


156 lb


8 / 10
8 / 10
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NEWMACs requires a much better effort for me to feel good about this race. Great weather and I missed an amazing opportunity. Second on the team to Mario, and 26th place overall (I wanted top 14 [All-Conference] and would have really liked top 10). I'm really disappointed with my preparation the past 72 hours or so, and it really showed. i had late night soft eng meetings Wednesday and Thursday, which combined with 8ams to prevent me from getting enough sleep, I was pessimistic about the team's chances and that translated to my running, I didn't listen to the music that I usually do because one of my ear buds was broken, and I expected Lane to be running with me, so I spent a large portion of the first half trying to find him. Long story short, I needed to run my own race, and getting the psyching up that the music gives me, it really does help me a lot. Generally I think a lot during a race, and that hurt me this week (at All-NE's it helped tremendously because the QU guys were right there for me to work off of)

Edit: According to Savvy's 2% conversion from All-NE's to Moore State (apparently based off of the top 30 or so times from this weekend) I should have run 27:44 at least, and that doesn't account for the oodles of extra rest I got going into this race, compared to All-NE's.