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6:30 PM

10 km


5:58 mi


167 lb
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Wolves 10k, 2nd to Kibler by about 3 minutes, beat 3rd by about 3 minutes,

Out and down back and up. I thought this was a good race, I felt nice and strong. I knew the uphill back was coming, so I stayed relaxed down the hills, and then coming back, miles 4 and 5, I was passing everyone behind me as I was coming back up the hills, so I got a big boost from them. I could have run a little tougher early in the 6th mile, and had a nice kick at the finish. Even with the 6th mile, I still negative split the race somehow.

I was almost expecting to die like I did at the Harvard 5 miler, but the hills weren't nearly as tough as I expected. I originally targeted 36 as a goal, and it might have helped to have someone to work with who was pushing me, but I don't think I have 36 in my legs yet. Maybe with someone to push, I could have gotten the first half a bit faster, or gotten fired up that last full mile, and maybe gotten 36:40 if I really felt motivated to beat someone.

I didn't stop my watch at the line, I slowed to a stop first, so I cut off about 2 seconds from my watch time. Officially I ran 37:10, but that's pretty BS, but the time's not a world beater so I'm not too concerned (it's my slowest 10k race anyway).

Training Plan Entry


10 km

Wednesday evening 10k in Marlborough, Fitness check after mileage build up and a few workouts.

Should be looking at ~36 minutes, hopefully a little faster, Look for a relaxed 17:20-17:30 for the out, work the way back ~18:00

Out and back course, paved rail trail. Looks like a fairly large downhill out/uphill back (~150ft net according to RA)