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9:46 AM

5 km


5:11 mi


167 lb


40 F
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An Ras Mor


Felt good on the warmup and timed it really well (10-15 minutes between end of warmup run and the race start, just enough to get shoes on, do some stretches and strides, I could feel the bounce in my legs, I was ready to give <16 a shot.

Got out hard, probably 2:25 the first half mile, and was consciously going harder than ideal to keep contact with the top group. I wasn't sure where the 16 minute cutoff would be, but I felt like the conditions probably stripped some depth from the field, so I wanted to give myself a chance early. I eventually eased off the back of that pack, and came through the mile with a couple people in 5:06, which would have been just about right if I ran it even.

I tried to hold position and compete the best I could. Once we got on to Putnam Ave, my glasses were getting a lot of water on them, so it started getting a little hard to see, but I just kept rolling the best I could. When we made the turn onto Brookline I saw ~13:25 so I thought I was way off 16 pace (thought I'd need to be sub 13 to have a shot) but I knew it wasn't far to go, so I just ground down and passed a bunch of people, I knew the finish wasn't too far past the last turn, and I knew where the 3 mile mark was from the warmup, so I think my last quarter was low 70's, ran the last turn well to keep my speed as much as possible, and was really surprised when I saw 16:06 when I crossed the line, 7s pr!

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5 km

An Ras Mor, GP Race, Cambridge