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4:00 PM

3.9 mi


7:23 mi


165 lb
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Outer Crue


premeet for NEWMACs.

Today I was thinking back to all the things I've done in my 10 years of running. I've spent the last 10 years of my life redefining fast. From those 7 minute miles in 7th grade, to breaking 7 8th grade, to 12:21 9th grade track, to 10:40 the winter of sophomore year, through a tough junior year, finally breaking 5 on a warm spring day at Hills East HS, to a slow start senior year cross, to 17:32/17:30 winning counties and qualifying for Feds. Then in college, adjusting freshman year, running 27:12 at All-NEs sophomore year Franklin Park, busting my ass alone to try and break 16, to UMD last year, and again starting slow senior year to now.

Just like HS, now I'm ready, fit, rested, and my head is on straight. I'm going to be dangerous tomorrow.

It's time to redefine fast again.