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4:00 PM

10.8 mi


7:43 mi


160 lb


40 F
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The lead in to this workout was interesting. I was out till 3am for New Years, got up at 12:30, watched the Jets lose to end their season, then looked to get the workout in as the sun was going down. I really wasn't looking forward to this workout: Friday's didn't go so well, the tempo Monday was poor, and I didn't feel so great during yesterday's run. To get myself out the door today, I had to tell myself to give these workouts one more shot. Then I got to the track and there was a strong wind coming off Wolf Hill Rd, so I wasn't too happy about that. But that allowed me to run the 200's with the wind, which let me get in a good rhythm, and then I just took it one rep at a time. The 400s were good because I could just fight through the wind once. The 800 was supposed to be at 2:24, I should have buckled down a little more then. Then coming back on the 400's and 200's, I decided to go at least 2 4's and 4 2's, and if I hit the paces, then I would extend that out to 3 and 6. the 73s 400 was close enough to go for the 3rd, then the last 400 and the 6 200's I really let it rip (with the wind).