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11:00 AM

8 km


5:33 mi


165 lb
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Last cross country race of college, possibly ever. I thought I was going a bit quicker, but the time doesn't matter, I was 5h on the team. I'm happy about what I accomplished this season. I'm glad that the team did well, NEWMACs was a success, and the 16th place we ran as a team today was our best finish at Regionals since 2006 (we got 17th in 08 and 09). I think last year taught me how to appreciate what I have from running, rather than getting frustrated with what I don't have. This sport has helped keep me sane, built my confidence, given me challenges to work against, and provided some of the most memorable moments of my life the past 10 years.

Now it's time to move to the track, where my only goal is to help the team, whether that's 5k, 10k, steeple, or 1500.