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7:53 AM

8.8 mi


7:24 mi


147 bpm
171 bpm
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Harry Downes


Moved up a day because it's supposed to get gross tonight, and 5in of snow tomorrow. This was after a hard weekend with jump forward.

Watch thinks I can run 18:04 for a 5k this weekend, and I figured if I could run 5x1000 at 3:45 and feel good I'd have a shot...

Well, this workout was good, a bit off the 3:45 pace target and only did 4. Based off the heart rate, maybe I'm fit enough for 18:04, but I'm not comfortable enough hurting that hard. Like, 175 would be a reasonable average for a 5k.

We'll see how we do this weekend, but I don't think I'll plan to leave the line at 5:50 pace just yet. It is a rust buster after all.