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9:30 AM

5 km


5:27 mi


167 lb


35 F
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An Ras Mor


Damn son, where'd you find this? I wasn't sure what I could run coming in, but I felt pretty good warming up, and found Mike Grasela at the start. I got into a good rhythm the first mile, back a bit from Mike, in the mix with the top women. Moved up a bit on the downhill turnaround, passed Mike, and just kind of sat where I was till I got to 2 miles. Early in the 2nd mile I looked down and my watch said 5:40 pace, and I felt like my cadence had slowed down a bunch, so I just focused on keeping turnover up, and keeping my head up looking for the turn at ~.5 mile to go. Made the turn, and I guess I settled for a little, but i knew I didn't have far, so I got back to pace and had a really good last quarter mile.

I think this is the best 5k I've raced relative to my fitness level which is pretty cool. Glad this all just might work.

Training Plan Entry


5 km


An Ras Mor

Ran 18:17 last year after rolling my ankle, If I could be close to that this year and not break myself, I think I'd say I'm making progress.

Heh, 18:45, ran ~19 for 5k towards the end of a progression run Feb 2. I better be sub 18 fresh.

Now that I'm getting into a groove, I think sub-18 should be easy, Now I think the real question is sub 17?