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5:50 PM

8 mi


7:19 mi


167 lb


65 F
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Felt pretty stiff and sluggish at the start, better as I went along. Plan for this week is to run about 65 in 7, including the half on Sunday, I'm hoping cutting back like that will be what I need to feel good to race this weekend.

MTA: Forgot all the important parts.

Since it was a nice warm day, I took my shirt off ~4 miles and carried it the rest of the way back a la McCann. Then coming down Mass Ave from Metcalf, I passed the most obvious drug exchange ever. I was almost tempted to ask them to be a little less obvious. Then on Drury, some reasonably cute/fit girl's running up as I'm coming down, and she's smiling the whole way up... I need to work on my "Loch Ness Burger facebook me!" timing...