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7:46 AM

26.2 mi


6:08 mi


165.8 lb


53 F
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Hell yeah! Split 80:31/80:10, great racing weather, more later.

Oh right, more later...

This is what happens when a training plan comes together, raceday weather works out, and your head's on straight on race day.

Got to the start a little later than planned. Was waiting on portapotty line but it looked like I would have been late for the start, I decided if I still needed to go after the start I could pull off along the course. Didn't get any warmup jog in, which may have helped...

The first 5 miles, I was relaxed. Felt like I was sleepwalking through them, kept telling myself to ease up, and put very little mental energy into the miles. It helped that we were running through fog, so I probably couldn't see a quarter mile in front of me, less things to think about. I hit 5 miles thinking I felt like I'd just started. I got past 10, then half way, and probably got to 15 still feeling smooth.

I think around 18 (I forget where exactly) some guy came up and ran with me, he was planning on a big negative split, I ran with him for a bit. There's a few women around gunning for OTQs to run with, and thoughts of going to the bathroom were long gone.

I knew things were going well, I guess by 20-22, the guy had pulled away a bit, and the miles were getting tough, but I passed over Lemon Drop hill and that gave me a boost, and I knew I was running well especially since I picked it up after halfway to run with that guy.

My shoe came untied in the middle of mile 24. I had to make a snap decision. I knew I was close to 2:40, but decided it was better to stop and retie the shoe. I didn't lose 41s tying my shoe, so I think I made the right decision, would retie my shoes again. Ran hard the last few miles, down the off ramp, and through the turns at the finish.

I was elated after I crossed the line. Mission accomplished, got the qualifier for Berlin, and 3 for 3 marathon PRs.

Training Plan Entry


26.2 mi

Grandma's Marathon



Nice racing!