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12:51 PM

8 km


5:50 mi


165.8 lb


69 F
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Codfish Bowl. Great weather for the race.

Tom and Rod wanted a fifth open runner, I wanted a tempo run, so this worked out. Got back at 2am this morning, but the Tasty Burger before bed and water helped me be much more functional this morning than usual (drunk me stuck with the plan which was nice) and the 12:50 start gave me leeway.

Started too fast per usual at Franklin and rolled my ankle again coming around the field the first time; managed to run through it. Tried to stay focused and work hard the middle miles, and think i ran well given my decision making around the race. Stayed behind one guy for way too long, but passed him after 4 miles. Kicked well down and around the hill, but one guy had a little extra.