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11:00 AM

8 km


5:44 mi


156 lb
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...I really need track to start, it was a long season, and I feel like my two worst races except UMD were these last two. Its weird for me to think about how my best race of the season was at the end of a long interval workout, an MLR, and a tempo on three consecutive days Tuesday-Thursday before All-NE's. Really I wasn't expecting much out of this race, it was the last vestiges of my taper, and after NEWMACs, I've had a letdown mentally.

This season, I think my races in order of quality were All-NE's, Cities, CCRI, Engineers, NEWMACs, here, and UMD.

I'm left wondering whether I'm too hard on myself, especially considering the course load I have, (soft eng has eaten a lot of time). I don't think I expect too much of myself because I'm sure Gihan and Welle over at MIT have plenty of work to do, and they kicked ass today. I guess there's too many factors involved, especially the focus of the organization.

I'll figure out how long I'm going to take off before track by Monday, I think I may lean towards taking more time, just to mentally take a break from the grind, but now its time to set out some goals for track:

mile 4:40-I need to drop my mile pr by at least 10 seconds, since I could probably run a 4:50 tonight after the race today

5k 15:35-my 5k pr is slow since I ran it after the steeple, and with the time I've dropped from last year in cross, I should be ready for 15:35

Steeple 9:45-I'm primed for a break out year,

10k 32:30? idk, I will definitely run it this year and I have no clue how fast I can go, but +40 x2 seems to be a solid conversion from 5k to 10k