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9:13 AM

17.6 mi


7:07 mi


167 lb


71 F
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Belmont Loop


I guess this was actually a pretty good long run. I felt like I died the last 3 miles, but I didn't slip too much.

It took a while to get going, people were running late, going to bathrooms, and changing minds a lot. The Belmont loop is a pretty massive hill, which after Airport yesterday afternoon, was pretty tough. I took a Gu at 9.5 miles, which went ok, I'm not sure if that was a little late. Adrian Eric and I did a Fresh Pond loop to get some more miles in, and Adrian was in a bit of a rush to get back, so they dropped me. I was a little worried about getting lost, but once I was in Harvard Square I thought I'd be ok, and I knew where I was when I got to Central.

I'm not sure if the late fatigue is due to the 70 in basically 6 days, if I still wasn't fully recovered from RTB, or if I just didn't eat enough for dinner last night. (My weight has been down ~3-5lbs since RTB). I'm guess per usual, it is a combination of those things.

After the run was over, I took a walk with Eric to a 7-11 for a slurpee, long walk, but worth it, and I picked his brain about some marathon training stuff. He doesn't see much value in upping mileage this late in the game, which makes sense, and his idea for what a taper should be seemed to jive pretty well with my plan which is good.