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7:05 AM

4.3 mi


7:31 mi


167 lb
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Outer Crue


Got a slow start this morning, and my legs were feeling the workout yesterday, so I didn't do the drills/stretches, but I do get the stretches in on workout days, so if I only get them in one other day a week, that's nbd, and my lower legs seem to be feeling pretty strong, so missing those this morning is less bad. I do need to focus on getting to the Rec Center to lift more, and I do need to get the drills in one day later this week.

Once I got loosened up, I did a couple strides once I passed Flagg St school, felt really light and smooth, which makes sense since I was doing this run on a smooth road in racing flats. I was actually surprised at how good my (lower) legs felt with the workout yesterday and light shoes today, that does speak to the drills being useful. I'm not sure if these shoes will see workouts or races, but I really should fit them in somewhere and get some good quality running in them, but they probably won't see a long run.

GPS measured Outer Crue @ 4.3 miles, I'll see how it measures it next week. I figure if I run a route a few times, I can average the GPS readings and get an accurate measurement, RA tool maps it at 4.4.