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10:02 AM

26.2 mi


6:20 mi


165.8 lb
171 bpm
189 bpm


57 F
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The Boston Marathon.

I can't be unhappy with the effort. I used all the fitness I had, and spent an hour in the medical tent post race getting re hydrated and cooled off from ~102.7? I hydrated and fueled as well as can be expected mid-race and in the last days leading up.

My first 10 miles were too fast for my fitness, but I didn't want to hit the brakes on the downhills. I hit 14 miles in Wellesley and knew I had a long way to go. Bobby passed me in the Newton Hills, but I think I ran those alright too, tried to work with the course, and ran the late downhills hard. 23-the finish was just hard, but it's hard for everyone.

In short, I ran a good race for my fitness which wasn't quite there this cycle. I competed hard and rolled with the punches. I didn't feel the knee or the hamstring more than a few steps this race, so that went well. It was warm sunny and humid.

I think I'll remember this race, if only because I can barely remember the hour right after the race.

BAA splits

5k 18:51

10k 37:51 (19:00)

15k 57:15 (19:24, Tuneup this year was 55:27)

20k 1:16:42 (19:27)

Half 1:20:55 (New Bedford was 1:19:22)

25k 1:36:27 (5k split 19:45)

30k 1:56:37 (20:10)

35k 2:16:56 (20:19)

40k 2:37:23 (20:27)



Awesome Race!!! Well Run!!


I hadn't read the mile by mile splits yet - glad to see that you're recovering well!