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10:51 AM

10 mi


5:53 mi


165.8 lb


30 F
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OFTM, didn't know what to expect. Felt alright off the line in basically the 2nd group of the race, mixing in with the top women. Kevin Sheehan and one of his Tracksmith friends were basically leading the group. Mile 2 started downhill and they took off a bit. I guessed that would be too hard for Kevin to maintain, and I moved up during the uphill 3rd mile and passed Kevin hard around 5k. Ran the rest of the race scared he was going to come back. Ran a really good first 5 miles, but after that I was hanging on for dear life. A few people passed me back but I didn't give in too much. Worked hard on the last hill ~7.5 miles, and then tried to keep driving the last two flat/downhill miles.

I'd rate this effort good, and my fitness is okay. Just have to take it day by day.



Gotta get healthy so you can keep up with Gabe!


I know! Gabe ran a great race. I gotta see what I can get out of this training cycle, there's hopefully just enough time for me to get some rhythm back.