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12:15 PM

7.7 mi


6:10 mi


173 lb


45 F
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Sears Rd


Ran the tempo in the drizzly misty stuff (best conditions to run outside the past 36 hours), picked a route up over Sears Rd, and come back down Fisher. Ran really well up and over the hill, maintained pace. When I got to 85, I was starting to heat up with my gloves and long sleeves, rain was starting to weight them down, so this was a tough section. I kept grinding down Fisher Rd, basically telling myself to get to at least 10k fast, then a little before 6 miles, I just found a groove. I don't know what happened, but the 6:10 pace just became easy (this section sill has some rolls so it wasn't like it was all downhill) and I cruised the last 1.5 miles of the tempo at ~6:00 pace.

Good tempo, and now I don't really need to force a workout while I'm in Portland, I can just take this week easy and run when/if time allows.