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5:50 PM

11.1 mi


6:50 mi


167 lb


40 F
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WPI Track


A little breezy on the track, and chillier than it's been, this morning I was greeted with snow to scrape off my car... It is April right? So the workout was in tights.

Since I have the 1500 and 5k this weekend, and I got a new pair of spikes, I figured I'd model this workout off of some of Maceiko's cross workout, some quick short repeats at the beginning, longer reps in the middle, then some short stuff to work on closing hard.

The 300's with 100m recovery felt really good, the 800's were good, and I definitely like these spikes for 1500m. They are stiffer than I thought they were in the store, which is actually better for the 1500 anyway. I'll probably wear these guys for the 1500, and then the Endorphins for the 5k this weekend.