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1:00 PM

3 km


5:44 mi


165 lb


50 F


9 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

3 / 7 (42.9%)
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Coast Guard


Great weather, good PR (5 seconds better than HS) A very erratic race (44, 82, 86, 83...) finished in an 81 which was good, I was seeded 6th, but got third, with 800 to go I made a strong move that stuck, one of the Coast Guard guys was chasing me down the last stretch but I held him off, good race tactically overall, I didn't go out too too quickly with the Coast Guard kids, then caught two of them at the end, 10 seconds behind 2nd place, Hurdle form settled in as the race went on, Coach said I was high over a lot of the barriers early, and Vinny said he saw better snap than the workout on Monday when my lead leg floated up more.