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3:00 PM

16.4 mi


7:09 mi


167 lb


14 F
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Sweet long run, I always enjoy this route, just nice and pretty, relatively low traffic, relaxing, some good hills, don't really have to stop anywhere on this route. 14 degrees was a little chilly, but I had the facemask, my dark blue heavy shirt, Saloman jacket, and the white gloves so I was warm enough, even thought the mask did get frozen. I also loosened my watch up, which seemed to help keep my left hand warm.

I guess I didn't feel great on this run, the first 6 miles or so, I was feeling a bit sluggish, but it wasn't getting any worse, so I just stuck to my 16 mile plan. Once I got to the hills on South Rd, I actually started feeling better, and around half way I started picking up the pace a bit, which felt good.