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11:02 AM

10 mi


5:44 mi


167 lb


40 F
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great weather, and a 63/51s pr from Apple Harvest/Baystate split.

Off the line, I got caught a bit farther back than I wanted to be, and I messed up my watch at the start, so the first 1/4 was pretty slow, and then I put in some pace to get back with a group I should be running with (the 5:20 was also down the same hills mile 9 runs up). Mile 3 was net 200 ft uphill, so that 6:14 was understandable. The dirt road wasn't mucky muddy, there was actually a bunch of ice on the course, but I'm not sure how much that really affected my race.

A clock at "halfway" said I went through ~28:25, which was where I wanted to be, but it looks like that clock was a few seconds early. I was closing hard to get <57, but then mile 9 happened, those were some tough hills.

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10 mi

Amherst 10-miler, GP Race