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9:00 AM

5000 m


5:47 mi


168 lb


67 F


7 / 10
8 / 10
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5k tempo workout on the track. I was running about 90's last week, so I wanted to bump it down to 89's, a nice gradual progression in line with my goals fr the 5k NYS summer runs... yeah, didn't happen, There was a gym class on the football field during the workout, and some people were walking on the track, so I was running too fast passing them, I was afraid after the first mile that my third one was going to be terrible, But for the second week in a row, I had a strong and fast third mile.

I'm a little worried about if I'm going too fast too early, weather I'm going to burn out or not. But right now, I feel good, and from what most people tell me, burning out is a result of not enough rest during your training. The slow pace I've had on easy runs is good, I'm wondering if I should push my mileage up to 65-70 very soon, because I'm obviously still improving at about 55 a week.