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8:00 PM

9 mi


7:40 mi


158 lb


80 F


5 / 10
6 / 10
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Hot all day, got home from work and ate dinner right away so I could scrape together 6 or so miles on short armory, wake up early tomorrow and run 8. But when I got out there it really started to get cooler, and a nice breeze picked up and I was feeling good, and decided to run Amanda's rather than Armory because I'd be done with the hills by 4.5 miles.

Last night while I was driving up to Worcester, I decided that the past few weeks, I've let too many runs slide, especially because of frisbee at work. So I decided that for the next two weeks, I wouldn't play frisbee at lunch. I think that resolving myself to that has helped me turn the corner that I started getting around on Saturday, that my body is ready to respond and do the work I request of it.