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7:00 PM

10 mi


6:35 mi


173 lb


65 F
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The planned workout was 4x1000@10k, 4x1000@5k, but the marathoners were doing 3x1600 at allegedly a slightly slower pace, so Caleb decided to run 3x1600 with them and I followed. The last 1600 wasn't much slower than 10k pace, and we took 400m recovery into a 1000, and I just realized the workout wasn't there, fell off the last 200m, so I just called the workout early and cooled down to 10 miles.

Really not as bad as I thought, with the short recoveries, I got a good tempo effort in.

Afterwards, I chatted with Rod, and let him talk me into racing this weekend. Which I know is a win win, and I'll probably feel more recovered by Saturday since this weekend was really busy with the bar crawl, and Thursday's workout shouldn't be taxing aerobically.