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4:00 PM

9.3 mi


6:51 mi


162 lb
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Solid first workout of the season. Coach measured out a 1k uphill loop in Institute and said go 6x1000 w/ a minute rest, told Shane, Josh, Ryan Moran, and me to shoot for 3:35 as the lead group. The second half, I settled in pretty well, Shane was always a little quick, Josh seemed to have a solid workout, and Ryan held on well, but probably should have worked with Dom's group at 3:40's (which Ryan was hitting)

Weather was beautiful, Workout Wednesday Sleeveless was in full effect, and the breeze was great. I made sure I hydrated between yesterday's run and today, which definitely helped.

Side note, this was my worst threshold workout in probably 5 years, but I'm being picky because we didn't get every 200m split, and the 400m mark was missing (Coach showed that to us on the 4th) and it took us a while to figure out which cone was the 800m mark. Now for 2 runs on my own due to classes, then workout Saturday morning.