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10:45 AM

2 mi


5:19 mi


162 lb


9 / 10
8 / 10

Race Result

2 / 8 (25%)
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WPI Track


Time trial, I'll take the time considering I ran a 10.7 mile long run yesterday and I was trying out a new race strategy. Rather than sit and pick, I decided to take it out from the front in 77, pushed the second lap at 76, then hammered the third lap in a 75 (I surged in the beginning and then settled back down) I wen through the mile in 5 low, then B-Good took the lead for a bit, and I settled down behind him, but I should've kept pushing (the pace was slow for the third half mile as usual), then Brodin took the lead, and I passed B-Good, dropped an 81, then finished with a kick about 3 seconds behind Brodin. I was able to drop Alex early, which was what I was going for.