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6:07 PM

11.1 mi


6:09 mi


173 lb


49 F
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North St


Stepping up from 45->~70 minutes is a hard jump, running good intervals on Tuesday, playing V-ball Thursday, and bumping miles makes it harder. So of course I start out aggressively the first 4 miles, and push hard trying to maintain pace up Connector Rd, and hammer down 30. This was a hard workout, glad I could battle through this. The fitness is coming through, need to keep an eye on the rolling/massaging/stretching/exercises.

Ran ~57 through 15k according to Strava, 55 next Saturday seems reasonable if I'm smart next week, is 53 out of the question?

What if this all worked?

Also some idiot drove me off the road on Fruit St after the Huckleberry loop... asshole.