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11:15 AM

8 km


5:54 mi


156 lb


75 F


9 / 10
6 / 10

Race Result

3 / 65 (4.6%)
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Hard race, Moore's always a tough course, and today was hot for a race and very sunny. I'm very happy with this race despite the time, tactically I ran very well.

The race went out very slow, I was 5:40 through the first mile, running in 4th place, with the leaders through in about 5:30, then coming down the hill, I challenged Spano, who then picked it up to run with Lane and Kibler, at least through 2 miles, up the hill the first time, but I picked it up on the downhill in the back, and passed Spano after he fell off the back again by about 3 miles. After that, I was running with a real sense of urgency, I didn't want to let either Mitch or Spano catch me because Salty D promised me dinner if I came in third, and well, I didn't really know how deep we were behind Mitch to win the meet, I actually think that I was closing the gap on Lane from about 3.5-4.5 miles or so, until he started to pick it up because he knew I was coming.

I felt strong through the race, I stayed about as relaxed and calm as anyone can be and run 3rd in an XC race, and I ran smart. This is probably the 3rd most satisfying races I've run, behind winning Counties, and beating Jared at States in consecutive weeks senior year.

I was only 12 seconds behind Lane, and I know that he probably could have run better/dug deeper if I was with him, or if anyone else was in front of him, but I've got 5 weeks till NEWMACs, and I won't be afraid to go for it then.