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11:00 AM

8 km


5:39 mi


156 lb


8 / 10
8 / 10
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Weak field this week, so I went to the front off the line with Lane, Shane and Jeremy were close behind. We almost made a wrong turn at the first intersection of the course, but I saw the arrow, and we were fine. Came through the fast opening mile in 5:20ish, which felt good, ran the trail loop, leading Shane, came through 2 miles in about 11:10 which seemed slow, but Savvy felt that it was the windy trails that slowed us down. At two miles, I knew I was going to beat Shane, he was breathing hard, and I was still relaxed. In the second trail loop, Shane took the point, and pulled away a little bit heading up the main hill, but I climbed back to him in the trails at the top of the hill about 3.5 miles in. Then I slung shot myself down the hill, and rolled into the final woods loop, Shane was right with me and we came out of the loop with 500m or so to go. I actually was a little worried that Shane would out kick me in the loop around the soccer field he even edged even with me at one point, but coming off the last corner, I came flying down the last stretch and beat him by 3 seconds.

Savvy and Salty were both surprised to see me out kick Shane, but I still need to work on my arms...which feels weird because every time I think about them, they feel fine...

also perfect weather