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1:30 PM

8 km


5:29 mi


156 lb


60 F


9 / 10
9 / 10
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chyes! 25 second overall PR, and 30 second course PR. 2nd for WPI,



-strong 3rd mile

-pass at least 10 people in the last mile.

-I would have loved to break 27:00 today. But like Lane who wanted to run sub 26:40, I feel like we worked very hard this week, (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all hard) and that if we wanted to peak for this race, we would have hit our goals.

-strong 3rd mile... pretty subjective goal, but I was definitely more mentally invested in the 3rd mile than usual, it helped that I was running with Dylan, a couple other QU guys and the 5th man from Coast Guard (who I beat) for most of it,

-I passed a lot of people heading up Bear Cage 2, and kept rolling up over the top. I didn't pass a lot of people in the last stretch but I held my place and did close the gap on a bunch of people in front of me

...I did the math, and this was the fastest I've ever raced on a cross country course in my life.