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11:31 AM

8 km


5:53 mi


167 lb
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Got out waaaay too fast, was not ready for a <5:20 with the training I've had. Held well through miles 2 and 3, but mile 4 in the back loop was really bad. I just couldn't really respond to the two people that passed me back there, and that trail is pretty unsettling to run on, need to pay a lot more attention than I gave credit for with all the rocks and roots. But the last mile I rolled past the two guys, one on the first half of the hill, and the other on the other side of the down/up technical section, and I rolled pretty good through the last lap around the field.

I'm happy with this race. I got out too fast, I think if I got out reasonably, I'd have been able to run ~28:40, especially making up time in the 4th mile, and probably a bit in the 2nd/3rd. With that I'd say my fitness is ~1:30 better than this time last year (comparing with Smith). The really promising signs were that my last field loop was good coming in to the finish, and I destroyed the hill at 4.2 miles. My speed is better than I thought it was (see the 5:17), and the tempo/hill work is getting the job done.

From a race perspective, I need to get a feel for how competitive a race is better. I just got dragged out by guys shooting for 25-26 minutes, and didn't run my own race the first mile. Better luck next time.

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8 km

Stanley Park Western Mass Distance Project