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10:45 AM

8 km


5:47 mi


165 lb
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Worcester Cities, felt good warming up, first 1.5 got out a little quicker than planned, with Assumption's Tony taking out the pace strong... lost my glasses once, and my right shoe got untied twice from double knots during the race... probably cost me about a minute due to time and focus lost, which would have put me in the top 5, possibly 4th.

3 Things I did well,

1) My prep before the race was good, I felt strong on the line... once the race started, I wasn't feeling as good, but I should have realized that was from the hot pace

2) I hydrated well, the day started cold and dreary, but I made sure I got enough fluids in me early enough that when the sun came out, I had enough juice to keep going. It helped that it wasn't blazing hot out.

3) I responded well after each stop, once I regained my focus. I fought through some (stupid) adversity, that I shouldn't have to deal with (need a headband and medical tape on my spikes from hear on out) out kicked a (dehydrated) Hunter at the line, rolled over the hill much better than I did last year at Cities when that Fitchburg kid out kicked me.